Diagnosing Dementia: 4 Surprising Early Warning Signs Of Dementia

When it comes to dementia and other diseases that affect the brain, MRI scans are among the top diagnostic tools available to medical professionals. MRI scans are so advanced that they can even help medical professionals differentiate between different forms of dementia, so they know exactly what they're dealing with.  Unfortunately, MRI scans are often performed well after the most recognizable symptoms of dementia have been noticed, such as memory loss, confusion and personality changes. [Read More]

2 Shocking Tips For Dieters Who Love To Drink Alcoholic Beverages

Are you on a diet? Are you longing for an adult beverage, but worry about how drinking might affect your weight loss plan? If so, read on for 3 shocking tips on how to get your drink on and still lose weight. Drink Regularly Having a few drinks won't hurt your diet, as long as you don't make drinking a regular activity, right? Wrong. You're actually better off having a drink or two each night as opposed to only tossing them back on the weekends or special occasions. [Read More]

How To Prevent Runner's Knee When Increasing Mileage

Many runners are prone to runner's knee, a condition in which the knee joint becomes irritated, leading to pain behind the knee cap, swelling, and sometimes even popping noises as you go up and down stairs. Often, this condition arises when runners start to increase their mileage. Thus, if you're suffered from runner's knee in the past, you'll want to take these precautions when building your mileage. Stick to the 10% rule. [Read More]

3 Alternative Prostate Cancer Treatments to Consider

Being diagnosed with prostate cancer can be scary. Unfortunately, this is a common experience for many men in the United States. According to the American Cancer Society, around one in seven men are diagnosed with prostate cancer during their lifetime, and about one in 38 die of the disease. However, when caught in time, prostate cancer is treatable. In addition to traditional cancer treatments like surgery, radiation, and chemotherapy, the medical community is constantly working on introducing new alternative treatments. [Read More]