Don't Get Sidelined: 4 Tips To Help You Avoid Summer-Related Wheelchair Problems

If this will be your first summer in a wheelchair, you may not know how to protect yourself from summer mishaps. Issues relating to heat and maintenance can cause serious problems during the summer months, especially if you're not prepared. Here are four simple tips that will help you avoid those problems this summer. 1. Protect Your Hands If you're going to be out in the heat, you need to protect your hands. [Read More]

3 Surgical Options For Peripheral Artery Disease In The Lower Limbs

Peripheral artery disease (PAD) occurs when there is reduced blood flow in the extremities, mainly the legs. In the earlier stages, lifestyle changes and medications may help. As the problem progresses, there can be a serious risk of permanent damage or loss of your limbs. Surgical intervention may be necessary to restore the blood flow to your legs. Blockage Removal A blood clot or plaque can cause a blockage in a major blood vessel. [Read More]

Lice And Poison Ivy – Two Things To Prepare For When Your Kid Comes Home From Camp

Sending your kids off to overnight camps during the summer gives you a bit of time to yourself while your kid goes off to make some of the best memories of his life with new friends. Unfortunately, new friends aren't the only thing your kid can come home with. Here, you'll find a short list of things to pick up before your kid comes home from overnight camp this summer. [Read More]

3 Great Tips to Remember When Shopping for CBD Oil for the First Time

CBD oil is starting to be used a lot from an alternative medicine standpoint. It has been known to help with chronic pain, stress, and many other issues. If you're looking to purchase some for the first time, these tips can help you make the right selection.  Identify a Purpose  As mentioned earlier, CBD can help cure a lot of things. However, to really benefit in a particular way, you need to think about why you're using CBD oil. [Read More]