Diagnosing Dementia: 4 Surprising Early Warning Signs Of Dementia

When it comes to dementia and other diseases that affect the brain, MRI scans are among the top diagnostic tools available to medical professionals. MRI scans are so advanced that they can even help medical professionals differentiate between different forms of dementia, so they know exactly what they're dealing with. 

Unfortunately, MRI scans are often performed well after the most recognizable symptoms of dementia have been noticed, such as memory loss, confusion and personality changes. For this reason, MRI tests are used to confirm an already suspected diagnosis. Since early detection is vital for the success of many dementia treatments, an MRI should be done as soon as possible. Following are four surprising early warning signs of dementia. These are clues that an MRI is necessary.

Vision Problems

Vision problems are usually attributed to age. However, some vision problems may indicate that something more is going on. In the early stages of dementia, some people may have difficulty distinguishing colors or seeing the contrast between two colors. They may have problems with reading. Their ability to judge distance may also be impaired. All of these symptoms may make it difficult for someone with early-stage dementia to perform certain tasks, such as driving.

Speaking Issues

In addition to repeating stories and using the wrong words, people with dementia can have trouble conversing smoothly. They may stop in the middle of a conversation or be unable to finish a particular thought or sentence. In some cases, they may hesitate to join a conversation or have trouble finding an opening in the conversation to speak up. Other speech issues to watch out for include the inability to recall the names of common objects. 

Poor Judgment

People with dementia may exhibit poor judgment. For example, they may start spending bill money on frivolous purchases. They may begin to spend an excessive amount of money or give a great deal of it away. Poor judgment is not limited to money matters either. They may try to clean the house with a toxic mix of chemicals, something that they would never have done before.

Social Withdrawal

Those with dementia often start to withdraw from society and their family. Hobbies and social activities start to fall to the wayside. They may even have trouble doing activities that they used to be quite proficient at. 

If you see any early warning signs of dementia in a loved one, it's vital that you talk to them and their doctor about having an MRI scan performed as soon as possible. While signs and symptoms may suggest dementia, you will need a scan to definitively diagnose the condition. 

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