3 Reasons To Use A Vertical At-Home Hyperbaric Chamber

If you want to use a hyperbaric chamber at home, then you can choose from vertical or horizontal models. You lie down in a horizontal chamber; however, you sit in a vertical one.

Both types of chambers deliver the same kind of treatment, but you should think about the right positioning option for you. While some people prefer to lie down for treatment, others find a vertical chamber easier to use. Why?

1. You Won't Feel Too Restricted

Some people find it hard to lie down comfortably in a horizontal hyperbaric chamber. They feel restricted in this position and, sometimes, even claustrophobic. You can't move around much in this kind of chamber.

If you use a vertical chamber, then you sit inside it while you have your treatment. You'll feel less restricted. You'll also find it easier to relax, and you're less likely to feel anxious.

2. You Don't Have To Lie Down For Long Periods

If your hyperbaric treatment takes a long time to function, then you have to make sure that you'll be in the most comfortable position for you while you're in the chamber. Horizontal chambers aren't always the best option for people who can't lie down in the same position on their backs for extended periods.

For example, if you have a chest condition, then you might not be able to lie on your back for long. Back problems might flare up if you lie in the same position for some time. Plus, if you're in a wheelchair, you might need help to get in and out of the chamber. This restricts when you can use it.

In these cases, a vertical chamber is often easier to use. You can sit on a more comfortable chair during your treatment sessions. If you have mobility problems, you can still get yourself in and out of the chamber.

3. You Can Keep Busy During Treatment Sessions

You can't do much during a horizontal hyperbaric chamber treatment. You'll be lying down without having a lot of room around you. You might get bored during treatment sessions if you don't want to relax or nap.

If you use a vertical chamber, then you can keep yourself occupied during a session. For example, you could read a book or play on your smartphone or tablet.

While you can buy your own hyperbaric chamber, you can also rent them. This is a good way to try out different models. To find out more, contact hyperbaric chamber rental services, such as Next Level Oxygen, and ask about their home products.