Everything You Want to Know About Tummy Tucks and Scarring

The kind of tummy tuck you undergo will have a huge impact on the kind of scars you experience. A traditional tummy tuck involves an incision below the abdomen and another near the belly button. The partial tummy tuck has only one incision below the abdomen.

This article will answer some of your questions about scars following a tummy tuck.

Scars Are Prominent Immediately After Surgery

Immediately after surgery, your scars will be very thin and light pink. The incision is still closing, still healing. You might be afraid that this is what the scar is going to look like for the rest of your life, but there is no need to be afraid. This is all part of the healing process post-surgery.

Scars Will Be Darker in the Coming Months

In the next few weeks and months, you are likely to see your scars becoming darker. This is because your body is healing the area and increasing the blood supply and collagen in the region. Don't feel scared if you notice a very prominent scar during this time.

Over time, you will see the scars rising before they lighten up. As the collagen and blood supply are reduced, the scar will appear lighter and more flat.

Scars Will Mature and Become Barely Visible

Over the course of your healing journey, the tummy tuck scar will become much less noticeable. Eventually, you will find that you have to look harder to even see the scar, and other people will not be able to see it when they see you in a bikini, for example.

Doctors Do Their Best to Minimize Scarring

No doctor wants to leave you with a scar you do not want. You can talk with a doctor about scarring and their techniques to ensure that people will not be able to spot the signs of a tummy tuck. They often place incisions in specific areas that are easy to hide.

Always Follow the Doctor's Instructions

You can also do your part to minimize scarring by following your doctor's orders. For example, use any creams and moisturizers the doctor gives you or recommends to you that might minimize the scar.

Make an Appointment With a Tummy Tuck Doctor Today

Are you ready for a tummy tuck? The first step is to consult with a doctor about getting a tummy tuck. If you still have questions about scarring, your doctor can answer questions.