Tips for Having a Successful Consultation with a Cosmetic Surgeon

Before you actually have cosmetic surgery and start working towards the body of your dreams, you need to consult with your cosmetic surgeon to decide exactly what results you're after and the best way to achieve them. For many patients, this consultation can be a bit scary and anxiety-inducing. But there's really no reason to be nervous. Cosmetic surgeons have your best interests at heart, and as long as you adhere to the tips below, your consultation should go smoothly and productively.

1. Bring photos showing the look you're pursuing.

In the days leading up to your consultation, look for photos that show the look you're after. For instance, if you want to change the look of your nose, you should search for photos that show the type of nose that you want. Each picture does not have to be a replica of the results you want. For instance, you may find one nose with the bridge you want, but not the tip you want. That's fine — just explain that to your surgeon. It's better to rely on pictures to convey what you want. It's harder to misunderstand a picture than it is to misunderstand words.

2. Write down questions as you think of them.

Also in the days before your consultation, write down any questions you have for your cosmetic surgeon. It's common for patients to have lots of questions as they walk in the door, but to forget those questions as soon as the nerves kick in. If you have your questions written down so you won't forget them. You'll likely emerge from the consultation with a lot more useful information. 

3. Be open to suggestions that are different from your assumed approach.

Most people walk into a consultation with a cosmetic surgeon with a general idea of what procedures they want. You may, for example, want a breast augmentation. But once you share your desired results with the cosmetic surgeon, they may suggest a different approach than the one you assumed they would take. For example, the surgeon may tell you they can achieve your desired breast augmentation results with just a fat transfer instead of implants. Be open to these suggestions; cosmetic surgeons are experts in their work, and the information they provide is more reliable and personalized than what you'll find on the Internet.

The consultation is just the first step. Contact local cosmetic surgeons to learn more.