Varicose Vein Treatment Can Help An Active Person Stay Healthy

The development of varicose veins can be very unfortunate and upsetting for many individuals. Even worse, those who live active lives may find that the pain caused by their veins is too much to tolerate and that they cannot do what they used to do. Thankfully, varicose vein treatments are available to restore a person's legs to a vein-free state as quickly as possible.

Varicose Veins Are More Than Unsightly

As people age, varicose veins may occur at a higher probability due to increasing blood pressure, weaker veins, and other factors. And these veins are not just unsightly and ugly on the legs – they can be quite painful. People with varicose veins often report feeling like their legs are very heavy and hard to move – which may make it harder for them to walk and enjoy life by trapping them at home.

And others report that varicose veins create active pain, such as muscle cramps, burning sensations in the legs, and swelling in the ankles, that can be very uncomfortable and persistent. As a result, those who live an active life need to do what they can to eliminate varicose veins as soon as possible. A failure to do so may make them less active and keep them from their favorite activities, limiting their quality of life.

Ways Vein Treatment Helps

Compression stockings are a great option for varicose veins because they move blood better through the legs and make it easier for a person to walk by eliminating the pressure that they create. For many people, these types of socks are the easiest treatment option because using them isn't invasive and requires no surgery. Those with minor or only a few varicose veins may benefit from this care option.

However, compression socks may not work for larger and more painful varicose veins, particularly if they have spidered across much of a person's legs. Therefore, it may be necessary to get surgery, such as sclerotherapy, to manage this issue. Fairly non-invasive, this procedure injects foam into the veins that kills the varicose veins and heals their scars in a handful of weeks at the most.

Those who can tolerate this procedure may find it the best option, though laser therapy is also available if the other options don't work for any reason. Thankfully, these advances have made this one hard-to-treat condition curable, providing an active person with the stronger legs that they deserve to live the life that inspires them the most.

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