Severe Back Pain After Lifting A Heavy Object: The Cause & How A Surgeon Can Help

Did you lift a heavy object that left your back in an excessive amount of pain that is hard to cope with? If so, it is a good idea to get your back examined by a specialist in case surgery is necessary. Below, learn about back pain from lifting heavy objects and what a back surgeon can do to help:

How Could Lifting a Heavy Object Cause Severe Back Pain?

When you lifted the heavy object, it is likely that you caused harm to your spinal cord. It is important for heavy objects to be lifted with the spine aligned to prevent ligaments from getting torn. Damaged spinal ligaments are the possible reason you are in so much pain, and the problem won't go away unless you are treated by a specialist.

Your back also contains vertebrae that may have become damaged when you were lifting the heavy object. Sometimes the only reason back pain occurs is from there being an excessive amount of pressure between the joints in the back. Getting rid of the pressure can solve your problem and help you avoid back surgery.

What Can a Back Surgeon Do to Treat Back Pain?

Before you can be treated, the surgeon will examine your back to determine where you are experiencing the most pain. He or she will simply feel around your back and ask you to speak out when you feel pain. You will also have to get an x-ray done so the surgeon can take a look at your spine, ligaments, vertebrae and joints.

Based on the results of the x-ray, you may have to undergo a procedure called lumbar spinal fusion surgery. It is a procedure that will allow the surgeon to use a bone graft to repair damaged vertebrae and joints by joining them together with the graft.

It is common for back surgeons to find ways to avoid patients undergoing surgery because of the danger of the procedure. The reason is due to back surgery having the risk of paralysis. If a surgeon believes your condition can get better without surgery, he or she may refer you to a chiropractor. The chiropractor will be able to get rid of joint pressure through spinal manipulation.

Back pain should never be taken lightly because it can mean that you have damaged your spine. Get in touch with a back specialist so he or she can get you treated! Have more questions? Contact a company like if you have other questions.