No Laughing Matter | Tackling Common Concerns About Nasolabial Folds

The natural crease where your upper lip meets your cheek is medically known as the nasolabial fold but is commonly referred to as the dreaded laugh line by the majority of the population. Even though these lines, that run from the edge of your nose down to your lip, often show up more when you smile, having predominant smile lines can definitely feel like no laughing matter. The older you get, the more deep-set these lines can appear and it can look like your lower cheek is starting to droop and sag. If this is a cosmetic issue you have, there is no doubt you have questions about your options.

Is it true there are facial exercises you can do to tighten the nasolabial folds?

There are facial muscles beneath the area where the nasolabial folds occur. However, the lines and drooping are less of a muscular change and more of an issue with the changing elasticity of the skin. You may be able to do some exercises to tighten the muscles that are beneath the skin and see a minimal change, but it is unlikely that the change will be significant enough to make a difference. This is especially true if you are older and the skin has started to show signs of sagging.

What type of non-surgical options are there for nasolabial lines?

There are many over-the-counter products that claim to diminish the appearance of laugh lines. However, this is only a temporary solution that uses chemicals to draw the skin tighter over the facial tissue. One of the most popular ways to see a difference is with injectable fillers that work by helping to restore the natural collagen beneath the skin. Sculptra is one such example of an injectable filler and is a good way to see results over time. You can find out more about this procedure at places like Dermatherapy.

If you choose surgery, how complicated is the procedure?

The surgery to correct nasolabial folds involves creating an incision in the soft tissue and removing excess skin. Even though effective, the surgery can take a while to heal and is not an ideal solution for everyone because of the costs associated.

Life may be full of a lot of smiles and laughter, which can cause natural crease lines on the face. Unfortunately, these lines can make you appear older and maintaining a youthful appearance is something that many people wish to do. If you feel that your nasolabial folds are making you appear older, it is a good idea to talk to a cosmetic surgeon about what options you have.