Tips For Healthy And Sustainable Post-Pregnancy Weight Loss

Life will never be the same again after you become a parent. But that's a good thing. Of course, there's something from your old life that you want back, and that's your pre-pregnancy body. Losing weight after having a baby doesn't have to be an arduous task, and certainly isn't anything that should cause you stress. Stress can be avoided if you set realistic expectations and lose weight in a way that's both physically and emotionally healthy. 

Weight Gain During Pregnancy

To put it quite straightforwardly—you grew a whole person inside you, and this had a significant effect on your body. On average, pregnancy results in a weight gain of around 25 to 35 pounds. You can't lose this amount of weight overnight, and since you want the weight loss to be both healthy and sustainable, avoid the temptation to crash diet or make use of weight loss medication. It's crucial that you don't neglect your nutritional needs, as these are also your baby's nutritional needs if you're going to be breastfeeding. 

Monitoring Your Calories

Weight loss programs with a focus on nutritional intake are a good start. Monitoring your calorie intake by keeping a food diary can be informative. This allows you to create a baseline of your standard food consumption, learn the resulting calorie intake, and then make cuts where you can by reducing food or substituting specific items. There are a wide range of apps that make this task far easier. Using a delivery service for fresh (non-processed) pre-prepared, calorie-controlled meals can also make things much easier.

Make Time for Exercise

It can feel impossible for anyone with a newborn to find time to exercise. But you need to get your body moving, and when something is important—you make time. Of course, you need to be practical, and it will be a little while before you can start hitting the gym on a regular basis. Start exercising at home, so you'll never be far from your baby. Cardio is great for calorie burning, and you don't need expensive equipment. 

Cardio and Resistance Training

Aerobics in the comfort of your own home (just stream an aerobics video at your skill level) will let you work up a sweat. Don't forget resistance training, as you'll want to dump excess weight while also keeping muscle mass. You don't need to invest in weights. Rubber resistance bands are inexpensive and effective.

Take a slow but sure approach to weight loss after giving birth, and you'll find that the results will be sustainable.

Contact a local weight loss service to learn more.