Oh Baby! Choosing The Best Accessories For Your Portable Ultrasound Machine

If you work in a medical practice that occasionally sends nurses, physicians, and technicians on house calls, then you may have a variety of machines and tools that are meant for portable use. If you do not already have a portable ultrasound machine, then this may be a good addition to your practice. These devices come with a wide variety of accessories. Keep reading to learn about a few accessories that can and should be chosen for your machine. 

Ultrasound Transducers

If you have an ultrasound technician in your office who uses a traditional machine to create images, then the professional likely uses many different transducers. While it may be easy to switch to multiple transducers throughout a single office appointment, this may not be something that is easy when a house call is made. To help prepare for a variety of different situations, make sure to purchase an ultrasound device with three to four main transducers that can be switched out easily.

For potential heart and fetal problems, make sure to purchase a sector array device. Curved array devices are a good choice for abdominal and lung issues, and linear devices are optimal for soft tissue imagery. 

Smart Device Applications

Most portable ultrasound machines require the use of a specific unit or a monitor with attached controls. While this may be ideal for use in a traditional setting, emergency needs may require quick analysis and diagnostics. If your medical facility faces emergency imaging challenges, then consider a smartphone ultrasound system. 

Smartphone or smart device ultrasound systems feature an application that allows you to complete diagnostic imaging with your phone. Special transducers are made to connect to devices through the lightning port or USB port of your phone. Once the device is connected, you can use the transducer with controls that appear on your phone screen. 

You can save images onto your phone or tablet when you use applications. You can also transfer imagery. Most applications offer encryption so the data storage and transfer is compliant with HIPAA. 

If you go with an ultrasound device that uses your smartphone, then you will likely need to pay a monthly fee to use the application. However, this fee is minimal when compared to the cost of a separate ultrasound monitor. 

If your medical office has specific imaging needs that require diagnostics out of the office, then a portable ultrasound machine may be a good idea. Just make sure to choose the right device with the best accessories for your needs.