Avoiding Overuse Of Nasal Spray: Key Things To Note

Nasal spray is such a simple product. One might assume that there is no way you can overuse nasal spray. Unfortunately, anyone who assumes that would be mistaken. Nasal sprays are medicines, just like any other. As such, you can overuse them. Here is some more information on how that is possible, signs that you have overused it and how to avoid overusing to your nasal spray.

What Nasal Sprays Do

The majority of nasal sprays open up your sinus passages by shrinking the swollen tissues caused by colds and allergies. In many cases the medicines in the nasal sprays work so well that your nose is able to breathe more and breathe better than when you are not suffering from a cold or allergy. Because you can breathe even easier than normal, you may be inclined to use the spray even when you do not need it, so exhilarating is the feeling of breathing so freely and being able to take in more oxygen.

How You May Have Unwittingly Become Addicted

The problem is, most nasal sprays, even prescribed ones, are not to be used every day indefinitely. Your body will adapt to overuse of the nasal spray and compensate by making allergy and cold symptoms worse when you do need it. You may also find that going a few days without the spray after using it regularly and often that you feel like you cannot breathe or are congested. Additional signs that you have overused your nasal spray include overly dry nasal passages, cracked and bleeding nasal passages and/or persistent sneezing when you stop using the spray.

How to Avoid Overusing the Nasal Spray

It seems silly to talk about, but following the usage and dosage directions on the bottle of the nasal spray does prevent you from overusing this type of medicine. The instructions for use are there to prevent you from overusing, and to prevent the ineffectiveness and bodily adaptability of the drugs in the sprays. If you have a prescription nasal spray, such as fluticasone nasal spray, it becomes even more important that you follow the instructions for use.

If you think you have a problem with overuse of nasal spray, consult with your doctor right away. He or she can determine if you have a problem and figure out if it is not too late to reverse the issue. There may be a way to wean you off and restore your body to its pre-nasal spray condition.