3 Tips For Preventing Bladder Infections After You Have Pelvic Reconstructive Surgery

If you have recently had pelvic reconstructive surgery, you may worry about getting a bladder infection, a possible problem after the procedure because of the urethra's close proximity to your vagina. If so, use the following three tips for preventing a bladder infection during your recovery period: Go to the Bathroom as Soon as You Feel the Urge During the weeks following your surgery, do not try to hold your urine when you have to go to the bathroom. [Read More]

7 Bad Eating Habits That Your Body Is Begging You To Break

Today's overburdened life schedules can make health eating a challenge, prompting many individuals to take on bad eating habits that may save time, but these habits also work against the achievement of healthy goals, including weight loss. By breaking these seven common bad eating habits, your body will become healthier and you will start to feel better. 1. Skipping Breakfast Between hauling yourself out of bed to prepare for a grueling day of work ahead and trying to get the kids ready for school, breakfast has become a special occasion Sunday repast instead of a daily meal. [Read More]

Exposing A Few Vaccine Myths You May Have Heard

Parents will have to learn the steps for meeting their child's various healthcare needs. In particular, vaccines and immunizations can be an integral part of keeping your family safe, but there are misconceptions that can lead well-meaning parents to make serious mistakes when making family healthcare choices. Myth: Vaccines Are Extremely Dangerous While the internet has revolutionized the ability of individuals to access information, it also makes it easy for myths to spread. [Read More]

Untreated Hearing Loss Will Impact Your Child

The ability to hear clearly is an important component in the development of a child. During the formative years, much of what children learn is in the form of mimicking. When a child is suffering from an auditory issue, they can't clearly hear what you're saying, which means they can't accurately mimic what you're doing. This difficulty can have a significant impact on their life. Declined Language Development When someone says a word, a child processes this sound and tries to recreate it. [Read More]