Is Scoliosis Disrupting Your Sleep? 3 Tips For Easing Bedtime Back Pain

For many people with back pain, the nighttime hours can be the worst since certain sleep positions put more pressure on the spine. While sleeping the wrong way won't necessarily make your scoliosis worse, it can strain the muscles and ligaments that connect to your spine and lead to pain that keeps you up at night. Alternatively, you may find that sleeping the wrong way causes you to wake up with stiffness that bothers you during the day. Since being well-rested helps to ease your discomfort, use these tips to turn your bedroom into a sanctuary that is perfect for getting some sleep.

Avoid Sleeping on Your Stomach

The ideal sleep position should be one that keeps your spine as aligned as possible. Unfortunately, stomach sleepers turn their heads, and this creates an instant twist in the spine that irritates the curvature in your back. While it may take some time to find your ideal sleep position, many people find that sleeping on their side or back helps to provide more support to eliminate strain on the spinal column.

Use Pillows for Support

It is always best to seek the advice of your physician regarding the use of supports during sleep, but most people are able to use pillows or rolled up towels to alleviate pressure on their spine. Keep in mind that the ideal places to put support will vary depending upon where the curve lies along your spine and your sleep position. For instance, people with a curve at the lower part of their spine may find that placing a small pillow or rolled towel in the small of their back helps them get rest.

Choose the Right Mattress

When you consider the fact that you likely spend around eight hours a night on a mattress, having the right one is essential for your back's health. If you are a back sleeper, try to find a firm mattress that does not allow your shoulders or hips to sink into the cushions. Side sleepers can usually use a softer mattress, but you should still take caution to avoid anything too soft since it will cause your body to sink in and fall out of alignment.

Sleep issues are pretty common for anyone with back problems, and scoliosis alters the way that your spine aligns when you lay down to go to sleep. While it may take a little experimentation, knowing how to arrange your body into the perfect position alleviates pressure on your spine and its surrounding tissues so that you wake up feeling refreshed. For more information or assistance, contact companies like C D Denison.