Don't Let Peyronies Disease Destroy Your Relationship: 3 Steps To Help You And Your Partner Overcome The Disease

If you've been diagnosed with Peyronies Disease, you may be struggling with the diagnosis – particularly the pain that can accompany it during intercourse. You might also be afraid to discuss the disease with your partner, especially if it's a new relationship. While Peyronies Disease can make sexual intercourse difficult, it doesn't have to put an end to intimacy. If you're afraid to that Peyronies Disease is going to destroy your relationship, you don't have to be. Here are some steps you can take to communicate with your partner and encourage intimacy.

Open the Lines of Communication

If you haven't talked to your partner about your disease, there's no better time than the present. Your partner may be feeling self-conscious, or worrying that they've done something wrong. Sit down and talk to them. Be open about your feelings. If sexual intercourse is painful at this time, explain that to them. If certain positions are better than others, share those details with your partner. While you're talking, it's important to remember that Peyronies Disease will affect both of you. Take the time to listen to your partner's concerns. With open and honest communication, you and your partner can work together to overcome the issues you'll be facing.

Focus on Intimacy

If sexual intercourse is not a possibility right now, use this time to focus on intimacy. While intimacy won't bring you the same pleasure as sexual intercourse, it will allow you and your partner to experience shared closeness. Find quiet ways to focus on each other. Whether that includes long walks along a beach or a couple's massage, the time you spend together will help you cultivate the emotional intimacy you'll both need to see you through the rough patches.

Rev Up the Foreplay

If you've been thinking that sexual intercourse always has to follow foreplay, it might be time to rethink that. Instead of thinking of foreplay as a precursor to sexual intercourse, incorporate it into the bigger picture called love making. Take the time, to explore foreplay as a couple. Find ways to pleasure each other that will not require the actual act of sexual intercourse. By exploring the world of foreplay together, you might find that sexual pleasure is still possible.

Peyronies Disease doesn't have to destroy your love life. The tips provided here will help you and your partner develop the emotional intimacy that will help you deal with the disease in a healthy and productive manner. If you're having a difficult time adjusting to this disorder, reach out to a support group for people with similar diseases, such as the Dupuytren's Disease Support Group. Help is available.