It's Coming From Inside The House! Three Ways To Prevent Household Allergies

It started with the wheezing and then the coughing and now your child has watery eyes. You may be quick to blame the pollen in the air outside; after all, with summer in full bloom, it makes sense. If your child is wheezing and sneezing even when they are inside, chances are, the allergies are coming from something inside of your house. Luckily, this isn't something that your child just has to deal with. There are several easy steps that you can take in order to guard your child against inside allergens this summer.

Rethink Sleeping Arrangements

As much as your children beg, you can't allow the family pets to sleep with them. Many people think that the pet's fur is the reason behind allergies, however, it's what the fur holds. Pets carry dander, dry skin and saliva in their fur. When your child cuddles up with their pets at night, they breathe in the dander, which causes the allergy symptoms.

Instead of letting your pet sleep in bed with your child, place a little bed on the floor and let your pets sleep there. This will be a happy medium for all parties.

Don't Wear Shoes In The House

Shoes shouldn't be worn inside of the house for more reasons than just keeping the carpets clean. Shoes are carries for allergens. You walk around outside and pick up these allergens, pollutants and toxins, then you track them over your floors and furniture. Children lay on these things to watch television, read books or take naps, all the while breathing in the allergens you tracked in earlier.

Leave your shoes at the front door. Purchase a welcome mat and wipe your feet before you walk into your home. If your child is highly allergic to the pollutants outside, install hooks in the garage so you have a safe place to hang your shoes before walking into your home.

Get Down And Dirty With The Bathroom

The bathroom is the popular hang out spot for allergens. The rings around the sink, toilet and bathtub sends tiny little spores into the air. When your child breathes in this air, they will start wheezing, sneezing and coughing. The mats by your tub and around the toilet may also be harboring spores because of the constant contact with water.

Wash your bathroom down with a solution of bleach and warm water. Bleach will remove the spores that grow in the bathroom. After the members of your family are done showering, hang the mat over the shower to dry completely. You also want to wash the mats at least once a week.

The allergies that your child is suffering from might just be coming from inside of your house more than the outside. To prevent these allergies from getting in the way of your child's life, follow the steps listed above to remove outside spores and allergens that are lurking in the unsuspected places of your home.

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