4 Benefits Of Home Care

If you have a loved one who is getting older and needs some assistance, you should consider home care. This will allow an individual to visit the home of this person and provide the necessary care that may be needed on a daily basis. There are many benefits to selecting a supportive care team to help and knowing what these are may motivate you to do so.

Benefit #1: Variety of needs met

There is a variety of services a supportive home care company can provide for any individual who may be getting older.

Listed below are of the things that can be done daily:

1.  Personal care – Helping with bathing, washing hair, shaving each day.

2.  Housework – Cleaning the home, doing laundry and working in the yard.

3.  Cooking – Staying healthy will greatly depend on the foods your loved one eats each day and frequently a homecare provider will be able to cook nutritious meals.

4.  Healthcare – Making sure medicines are taken each day, and proper healthcare is provided.

Benefit #2: Avoid nursing homes

Being able to stay at home is a big advantage when it comes to any person who receives this type of care. It's possible that remaining in familiar surroundings could even promote faster healing times.

Additionally, it's much more convenient to remain in the current living arrangement than packing up all of the belongings and moving to a nursing facility.

Benefit #3: Less expensive

It's simply cheaper to hire an individual to come into the home and provide the day-to-day care that is needed versus selecting a nursing facility. Studies indicate the annual cost of living in a nursing home is $80,000 according to a study that was completed in 2013.

On the other hand, the median cost for having a home care provider per hour in North Carolina is $18. Many companies will let you decide the number of hours this individual is needed daily or weekly.

Benefit #4: Individual care

One benefit of getting care in your home is that individualized assistance that is given. Having a person you can rely on one-to-one may help get this loved one's needs better met.

Consider if home care is right for an elderly person in your life and if this is the best way to assist this individual. If so, be sure to select a local and supportive in home care facility that will work to meet the health and medical needs of this person.