Three Lifestyle Changes To Help You Reduce Your Hemorrhoid Symptoms

Buying over-the-counter medication or even seeing a doctor are often necessary when you have hemorrhoids, but a variety of simple lifestyle changes can play a helpful role in your mission to relieve the irritating or painful symptoms of this medical condition while also preventing further hemorrhoids from developing. The following lifestyle changes are ideal because they don't have an associated cost, and while some may take a bit of time to become habitual, they can lead to real results. Here are three lifestyle changes that you can make to help your hemorrhoids. 

Increase Your Fiber Intake

U.S. adults get only about half of the recommended amount of fiber in their daily diets. Boosting your fiber intake to between 25 and 30 grams of fiber per day is a simple way you can help manage your hemorrhoids. More fiber means that your digestive system will run more smoothly; in this state, you won't have to strain as hard when you go to the bathroom. Excess straining can make hemorrhoids painful. Keep track of the fiber content of the foods you eat to ensure your daily dose falls within the recommended range. In general, raspberries, green peas, beans and foods that contain whole grains can help you get your daily requirement.

Make Time For Exercise

While regular exercise leads to a multitude of health benefits, being active can help you manage the symptoms of your hemorrhoids. Cardiovascular exercise, in particular, is ideal because this form of exercise increases your heart rate to boost the circulation throughout your body, which helps you heal your hemorrhoids. Adopt exercises that you enjoy, as doing so will increase your likelihood of making them a regular part of your daily routine. Simple activities such as walking and swimming are ideal. Try to incorporate exercise throughout the day; because sitting can flare up your symptoms, standing up and walking in place while at work can be helpful.

Answer The Urge

One of the mistakes that can make hemorrhoids worse is holding in a bowel movement instead of going when you have the urge. While it might not always be practical to go the moment the urge arises, holding it in can make it more difficult to move your bowels, which can worsen your hemorrhoid pain. If necessary, change your daily routine to allow for more time to go to the washroom. For example, if you rush out to work in the morning and then hold it in all day because you don't want to use the washroom at work, set your alarm clock earlier in the morning. 

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