3 Reasons Why You Should Choose A Pediatric Chiropractor Over A Standard Chiropractor

Chiropractic care, no matter what sub-type of chiropractor you see, is good for your back and your body. If you are thinking about taking your infant, toddler, or child to see a chiropractor, then you are already helping your child have a healthier body and better posture. However, you do have the option of taking your child, regardless of age, to a pediatric chiropractor, and here are three reasons why you may want to do so.

Pediatric Chiropractors Are Child Health Specialists

Just like your pediatrician, pediatric chiropractors have taken additional courses in child development and understand that infants' and children's bodies do not require the same kinds of pressure used in adjustments. This is because infants and children have fewer fused bones and more cartilage in their bodies than teens and adults, so a much gentler type of pressure is all that is needed to adjust their little spines. Pediatric chiropractors also know how you can help your infant or child exercise and stretch to maximize the benefits of their chiropractic care, and your child's chiropractor can give you a visual printout of the exercises he or she thinks you can help your child with at home.

Pediatric Chiropractors Can Help Your Child with Special Spinal Issues

Infants suffer minor subluxations while in the womb, usually at the end of the final trimester because there is very little room in the womb for them to turn and it gets very cramped and uncomfortable for them. As they are born, the pressure from the vaginal walls can cause another minor subluxation in the infant's cervical vertebrae when the infant's head is caught and gently turned by your OB in order to help your baby out of the vagina. Your baby may also be born with special spinal issues, such as spina bifida, or underdeveloped vertebrae and nerves. A pediatric chiropractor can treat all of these issues and help your newborn feel less pain and discomfort after birth.

Pediatric Chiropractors Can Teach You Infant Massage

Infant massage will help you soothe your baby when nothing else will. A pediatric chiropractor has learned how to do infant massage correctly, and he or she can teach you how to do this type of massage at home. Massage will not only soothe your infant, but also calm any frazzled nerves you may have while provide a loving and bonding experience for you both. (You can even take what you have learned from the chiropractor and use it to massage your toddler as well.)

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