Do Your Buttocks Feel Natural After Buttock Augmentation Surgery?

A large rear end is the new trend. It helps with filling out your clothes and gives a sexier look. Cosmetic surgeons' work load has increased because of the popularity of having a large butt.  However, some women have hesitations about the final results of the surgery. They are worried about having a butt that does not feels natural. Read on to find out how natural your butt will feel after buttock augmentation surgery.

How is Butt Implant Surgery Done?

The implants are inserted in through an incision. The incision can be made in three different places, which are at the top of both upper buttocks, at the bottom of the buttocks and the middle crease in between both cheeks. The length of your scar and incision depends on the body location and the size of your implant.

The implant is made of silicone and made specifically for your buttocks. It is placed inside of your gluteal muscle or above it. After the butt implant surgery, the results are immediately noticeable.

What is Recovery like after Surgery?

Recovery plays a role in how your implant looks and feel after completely healing. Your surgeon will give you specific instructions on how to care for your new buttocks before you leave the hospital. Recovery starts immediately after surgery. You have to wear a support garment for 24 hours for around three weeks, according to American Society of Plastic Surgeons.

The support garment helps your skin to tighten around the implant and supports your buttocks. You have to allow the swelling to go down and give your implants a chance to settle in their natural position. The final results of your surgery is revealed after three months.  

Does Your Butt Feel Natural with Implants?

How natural your butt feels depends on the size of your implant. Placing the implant within or under the gluteus maximus muscles give you a more natural feel. It also helps to have an adequate amount of fat in the area around your buttocks and hips. However, an augmented buttocks usually feels very firm.

A disadvantage of butt implants is that they have a high complication rate and may need to be removed. If you are going to get this surgery, then it should be done by someone who has experience with doing butt implants. For more information about buttocks augmentation surgery, contact a cosmetic surgeon in your area.