How To Get the Best and Safest Pedicure

If you want to get your feet presentable for the upcoming summer season, you have probably thought about getting a pedicure. If you feel a little unsure about how safe it is to get a pedicure, here is some information about pedicures and nail salons, along with some tips for getting a safe pedicure, that will help you to make wise decisions about the safety and hygiene of your feet. You will feel much better about getting a pedicure after you read this.

Does Your Salon Meet Sanitation Codes?

If the salon you choose to go to is not up to code, you should definitely find a salon that is safe and clean. If the tools the pedicurist uses are not cleaned and sterilized properly, they could pass fungus, bacteria, and other transferable illnesses. Do not be afraid to ask the pedicurist to show you what he or she does to ensure that they are working with clean tools and foot tubs. 

You want your salon techs to be using UV sterilizers and hospital-grade disinfectants on tools between every client. Make sure your pedicurist uses new nail files, buffers, or sponges on your feet. Anything that isn't metal is too porous to clean thoroughly, so if the techs offer to give you the files or toe separators after using them on you, it's a good sign that they are not reusing those items. Also, do not let your pedicure tech use a callus cutter on your heel or anywhere on your feet. These actually make your skin grow back rougher and also cut skin easily because they are razor sharp.

What Can You Do to Make Your Experience Good at a Salon? 

You can do some things to ensure that you will have a pleasant and safe visit to your nail salon. First, do not shave your legs just before you go to get your pedicure. It seems counter-intuitive, but shaving prior to your appointment leaves your legs and feet with a new layer of skin, or worse, cuts and scrapes that leave them more vulnerable to bacterial or fungal infections. 

You can also ensure that your tools are only being used by you if you bring your own. Invest in a good set of nail clippers, cuticle nippers, and a pumice stone to buff your feet. Check with the salon to make sure that you can bring your own tools for sanitary reasons. Ask your tech if he or she drains the foot tub completely before refilling it for each new client. 

Other Tips to Remember

If you are a diabetic, talk to your podiatrist before you get a pedicure. He or she can refer you to a good salon that will customize a special pedicure just for you. If you have a fungal infection on your toes (otherwise known as athlete's foot), it's not a good idea to cover your toenails with nail polish, as it won't allow your nails to "breathe" and heal.

If you do have a fungal infection or plantar warts, it's best to see a podiatrist first to get the issues cleared up before you visit a nail salon. If you don't, you could easily contract more bacteria. You also don't want to spread warts or fungus. 

Call around to different nail salons, such as and proactively ask questions about sanitation and cleanliness. Once you find a salon you feel confident with, get that pedicure and help your feet feel and look fantastic. For more questions about specific foot concerns, try contacting a business such as